Let’s say you were going to pitch some story ideas to a well known website that tends to do some city-specific writing about various restaurants and maybe some lists about the best whatevers of whatever in said cities.

What kind of stuff would you pitch to them?


Anonymous asked: Woahh... so is the only way to become a brand ambassador is to be like, "discovered"? LOL sorry filling your tumblr with such questions xD

No. This was a very specific instance where a brand (or rather, a company representing a brand) reached out to me. Most brands/parent companies will post that they’re looking for ambassadors or street team members or something.

Anonymous asked: oops i meant have not gave xD typo... cuz you became a brand ambassador for nintendo right?

I guess. The company that reached out to me had Nintendo as a client and they were trying to fill a very specific niche with ladies who had an internet “presence.”

My experience was a pretty specific one. Other brand ambassador positions are actually paid jobs.


Anonymous asked: so you gave to be lucky or noticed by a nintendo brand ambassador program to be a nintendo brand ambassador? D:



I own multiple pairs of crocs.

They are the most comfortable shoes I own and the ONLY things I will wear for running my ass off over the course of an 8-10 hour shift.


Anonymous asked: take vitamin D3. portland is smaller than you think and once you sleep with a couple people in certain circles, everyone knows. if you don't smoke weed, enjoy alcohol, and enjoy coffee, your social life gets limited. it doesn't rain as much as people think. the street people are a plague and you should never give to beggars because it's just going to heroin or meth. don't do heroin or meth. it's not really any weirder than any other major city. welcome to portland.