I own multiple pairs of crocs.

They are the most comfortable shoes I own and the ONLY things I will wear for running my ass off over the course of an 8-10 hour shift.


Anonymous asked: take vitamin D3. portland is smaller than you think and once you sleep with a couple people in certain circles, everyone knows. if you don't smoke weed, enjoy alcohol, and enjoy coffee, your social life gets limited. it doesn't rain as much as people think. the street people are a plague and you should never give to beggars because it's just going to heroin or meth. don't do heroin or meth. it's not really any weirder than any other major city. welcome to portland.






dontgetattached asked: Hi! I've been searching bartending tags and I came across one of your posts. If you have some time, I was wondering if you'd share how you landed your job? any suggestions/recommendations? I'm just starting to apply to bar back positions right now and would like to bartend eventually. thanks!

Honestly, I started as a server, and continued to be a server for a few years until I got tired of it and lied on my resume and got a bartending job and did a good enough job of winging it that I’m still bartending a few years later.

But seriously, it’s a “work your way up” sort of industry. Depending on where you work, you may have some opportunities to learn a few things behind the bar. But learn as much as you can on your own time. If you’re into beer, get Cicerone certified. If you like wine, take a few Somm. classes. If you like cocktails, buy some tools and lean how to make the basics at home.

It also sort of depends on what sort of bar you want to work at. If you’re gunning to work at a restaurant (which can be really nice due to limited hours and server tip outs) it won’t hurt to start as a server and put in your time and then ask to be cross-trained. If you’re doing the nightclub circuit, get REAL damn fast at making vodka sodas or whatever. Likewise for a shot and a beer type place - learn your whiskeys.

Basically, absorb everything you possibly can about as many aspects of the job as you can.

Or lie your face off. Just be prepared to back it up. :)