And then Nintendo sent me a Tanooki Hood/fox hat to promote Super Mario 3D Land because I am a Nintendo Brand Ambassador.

They sent me the game itself and a Mario hat and a Mario mustache and a hilarious mirror, too.

But obviously the best part is the fucking FOX HAT.

Yes I know I posted this already but then I tried to change the picture and nothing worked and it was annoying and this was just easier.

I have received no monetary compensation for making this post and am posting about Nintendo in a manner of my own choosing. #FTC


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  1. ferociousj said: I don’t usually want hats with ears, but I want that hat. You have made a jealous person on this coast. KNOW THIS.
  2. viewtoakel said: love. it. so. much.
  3. lovelyanomaly said: Please tell me you plan on wearing this all winter long.
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