the romantic portrait of the romanov family as do-good monarchs victimized by an irrational people is a little off to say the least. russia suffered a great deal under their watch, compounded by global change and world war i the country turned against their leaders. when it came to tsarina alexandra, they never liked her to begin with. she was more devoted to her personal life than her political duties and when the time came for her to rule in her husband’s absence, the country faltered even more. lets not even mention the whole rasputin thing. long story short, she probably had some nice furs.
1: i’m german: coat by marc jacobs, dress by dries van noten, shoes by dolce and gabbana
2: let’s go to the party anyway: fur by valentino, dress by jason wu, shoes by dries van noten
3: where are we going?: coat by j. mendel, dress by bottega veneta, shoes by celine

Dear First and Third Coats -

Please magically appear in my closet.

Thank you,


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    Third Coats - Please magically appear...my closet. Thank you, Stacey
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