So the other day, the RedEye hosted an office puppy from the Anti-Cruelty Society. And I, being a rational and also stupid and maybe overly hormonal human being, went and checked out the Anti-Cruelty Society’s website to look at dogs that are up for adoption.

And then I found this little girl. And she looks just like Ruby, only in smaller, younger, tail-less puppy format.

And today I went to meet her because I’m stupid and lack impulse control and now I’m just fucked because LOOK at this little monster that I love and need to take home with me.

Here are the Pros:

  • Holy adorable.
  • Generally pretty chill.
  • Warms up to people REAL fast.
  • Will be BFF with Ruby because Ruby loves puppies.
  • Will keep Ruby exercised with her insane puppy energy.
  • I’ve already come up with some names for her. :(


  • When I got Rubes, she was 2 and already knew some stuff. This one is still a puppy and doesn’t know ANYTHING.
  • I will probably have to crate train her. And take her to obedience. And since I work WEIRD hours, I don’t know how that will ever happen because my hours of availability are not the hours that classes happen.
  • I’m not home all the time. Rubes doesn’t care because Rubes is a lazy adult but this one is a puppy who needs stimulation and exercise and will go insane in a crate or maybe chew up my house if she’s given free rein.
  • I’m also going to Italy over NYE and while my parents are TOTALLY FINE about taking Rubes, they will probably be less fine about Rubes and also a puppy.
  • Vet and food bills for TWO dogs.

What say you, internet?


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  1. bees-knees said: I mean, look at that face…
  2. brownhoundeyes said: I’d talk to your parents first to really gauge their feelings about watching two dogs for you. As for obedience classes- you can train her yourself and just make sure you get her around other dogs for socialization. Tough call; she’s adorable!
  3. riotsandhonors said: Into it.
  4. ferociousj answered: The cons outweigh the pros. I am sorry to be a person saying this!
  5. egyptianworldempress answered: If you don’t have the time, then don’t do it. But, truthfully, if it was me, I would adopt and figure out doggy-sitting after the fact.
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